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Nutrition Program
Proper nutrition is vital for our elderly.  Hartland Terrace plans our menus with a dietitian to ensure that our residents meet the proper nutritional guidelines.  We promote healthy eating during meals and snacks throughout the day.  Whether a sit down meal or our happy hour spritzers, we take pride in our healthy living
Nutrition Program Includes:
Dietitian monitored menus
Homemade meals
Fruit and vegetable rich diet
Specialty diets
Hydration program
No added salts
No sugar added foods
Fresh fruit smoothies daily
Healthy snacks 2-3 times daily
Structured eating times
24 hour kitchen availability
Hartland Terrace spends many hours putting together
menus that will not only be delicious but healthy.  A
dietitian oversees all our menus and programs to ensure we are promoting good health in eating.
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