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Care Planning and Assessments

Hartland Terrace designs it's assessments and care plans around the needs of our residents. A detailed look into fall prevention, ADL's, wellness and past medical history helps paint a picture of who our residents are and how we can enrich their lives once they begin their journey with us.

Hartland Terrace takes pride in offering detailed assessments and care planning, which allows us to meet the needs of every resident individually. Knowing who our residents are and what their needs are now, allow us to plan for their future.

Care Planning Includes:

Family meetings

Oversight of assessments

Implementation of measurable goals

Need for therapy or hospice services

Overview of daily regime

Nutrition Planning

Assessment Approach Includes:

Fall Risk Assessment

Behavior Risk Assessment

Pressure Injury Assessment

Elopement Risk Assessment

Health History

Activity of Daily Living Assessment

Mini-Mental Assessment

Medication Evaluation


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