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Moving and Grooving Program

If you don't move it you lose it! Our activities are planned by our Activity Director and clinical team to engage residents socially, physically, and mentally. The Activity Director will plan activities that engage and enlighten our residents, as well as utilize fine/gross motor skills, enhance cognition, and enrich their lives daily. Our staff enjoys participating in activities just as much as our residents do! Activities are altered monthly to offer a well balanced activity schedule, as well as adjust to residents likes/wants within the community. Our Activity Director also adjusts different projects based on the season.

We ensure that each resident is enriched through activity. We include the community in our monthly activities by working with the local high school, grade school, scouts and other groups that volunteer with our residents. The Move and Groove program is a staple of our daily enrichment.

Moving and Grooving Program Includes:

Dedicated Activity Director Oversight


Crafts for all abilities

Exercise and dance

Music therapy


Outdoor activities

Themed projects

Family gifts

Coffee clutch


Memory games

Community parties

Pet therapy

Off campus outings

And much more!

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