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Nutrition Program

Proper nutrition is vital for our elderly. Hartland Terrace plans our menus with our chef's to ensure that our residents meet the proper nutritional guidelines. We promote healthy eating during meals and snacks throughout the day. Whether it is during  a sit down meal or our happy hour spritzers, we take pride in our healthy living.

Hartland Terrace spends many hours putting together menus that will not only be delicious, but healthy. Our team has been educated in proper meal planning to aid in disease management.  RN oversight aids in resident specific needs for disease management.

Hartland Terrace has partnered with Great Harvest Bread, Co. to offer our residents healthy and wholesome products including, breads, rolls, scones, muffins, cookies, and much more.

Nutrition Program Includes:

Dietitian monitored menus

Homemade meals

Fruit and vegetable rich diet

Specialty diets

Hydration program

No added salts

No sugar added foods

Fresh fruit smoothies daily

Healthy snacks 2-3 times daily

Structured eating times

24-hour kitchen availability

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